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EleganceInMotion Printed T-shirt

EleganceInMotion Printed T-shirt

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Unique prints for unique emotions!

Woman with wedding printed t-shirt dancing in a forest with graves Are you feeling romantic? Or maybe you're feeling frisky and want to attract men like a siren's song? Well, skeleton mermaid... You can still sing, right? In any case, however you feel, you can now express that emotion with one of the embroideries available !

T-shirts that match almost any outfit!

Woman showing a t-shirt with a ghost print, carrying a mirror so that a vampire skull can be seen in it

Your only problem will be choosing which shirt to wear for each moment since you will want to keep them all!

We have all measurements for all sizes!

Woman showing t-shirt printed with a ghost who is waiting for the bag she puts on to see herself to dry

Now everyone can enjoy these curious and hard-working ghosts that will accompany them on their t-shirts .

They will accompany her for a long time!

Although it may not seem like it from their appearance, those little ghosts know how to last for a long time !

“How many more do you have?” - your friends will ask. No one can resist the charm of these creatures.

Product Details

Combed fabric with polyester and modal. Patterned round neck design.
Finish: China, assembly: China, packaging: China.

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