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EleganceInMotion Outfit

EleganceInMotion Outfit

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It's the perfect style for going on vacation or staying comfortable in hot weather!

Woman showing her outfit in Summer

Light and ideal for warm climates as it does not absorb moisture . It is possible to be comfortable and elegant in summer!

Set designed for fashion and practicality!

Woman showing her EleganceInMotion™ outfit

In combination with a bikini it solves the summer . This set is your best friend during your vacation.

It will look like you are wearing feathers!

This set owes much of its comfort to how little it weighs. Protects from heat and weighs nothing! Some want their vacation to continue so they don't work; In your case, you will also want it to continue feeling comfortable and light in public.

It will be the envy of everyone on the street!

Woman showing her EleganceInMotion™ outfit and it's back part

You can't help but be the envy of everyone who doesn't wear this garment during the summer heat.

“Isn't it hot?” - they will ask her with envy.
Summer will be your favorite weather even if you don't go to the beach!

Product Details

Cotton fabric. Plain collar and shorts design.
Finish: China, assembly: China, packaging: China.

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