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EleganceInMotion Open Miniskirt

EleganceInMotion Open Miniskirt

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It combines with any type of garment thanks to its elegant style!

Woman showing EleganceInMotion™ skirt with her outfit Don't know what to wear when going out or around the house? Just add this skirt to your collection and any type of garment will match with it thanks to its great style and elegance . Its softness and elasticity makes it ideal even for being fashionable in the tranquility of your home.

Look great style with Korean fashion!

Woman turned around to show how her open miniskirt fits her

No more having to change into pants or dresses. Now you can wear an elegant and modern Korean fashion style everywhere you go.

It adapts perfectly to the body!

Woman wearing an open miniskirt and styling it with a bag

You won't have to keep looking, it adapts perfectly to your curves thanks to its elasticity.

Its softness will make you not even feel it!

Woman touching her open miniskirt to show how soft and comfortable it is The exquisite softness of the garment is so comfortable against the body that you will not even notice it. Take the opportunity to look more in the mirror and see the great elegance that it emits.

You won't have to worry about it breaking easily!

Woman showing EleganceInMotion™ skirt uplifting it to show how the skirt is a pant inside
The components of this garment guarantee the greatest elasticity and fit without compromising comfort, durability and breathability .
This skirt undoubtedly captivates those looking for style and comfort in a single garment!
Be prepared to answer questions like: “Wow, how stylish you look, where did you get it?”
You will get those types of questions when you first see her wearing the garment. It immediately gets people's attention!

Product Details

High quality blended fabric of cloth and acetate. Smooth, double opening design.
Finish: China, assembly: China, packaging: China.

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